About The Platform

The Platform is a pop-up shop like no other. Developed and staffed by service users, The Platform provides education, employment and training to individuals with learning disabilities and mental ill-health. The Platform not only ha volunteers from Quarryfields, but also another home in Exemplar, Mencap and The Hesley Group. The Platform welcomes more volunteers- so get in touch if it is something you would like to join in with! 

Two years ago, The Platform volunteers began transforming a former sandwich shop into a new education and volunteering centre for service users, staff and the public.

Since then, The Platform has gone from strength to  strength, gathering more volunteers from other organisations, and improving the local area by litter picking and cleaning its street. The Platform has created its own volunteer skills course for the volunteers to complete- they can then take this to their next placement to show what they have achieved. This will hopefully become an accredited course soon- which will be offered to all.

The Platform holds a series of pop-up shops, each running for 12 weeks at a time, providing the local community with a new venture – and service users with new skills, experiences and confidence. 

In the last year, the shop has been a coffee shop, homemade and hand grown, Halloween shope, Christmas shop, Soup shop, panini shop and is currently Shake and cake.

A good cup of coffee, a voluntary placement or even hiring the venue are all a distance away from the Balby area - The Platform provides the missing link within the community. 

Whether you live in the area, are looking for a venue to hire, or are simply passing through – please visit us at The Platform - coffee and homemade treats will always be provided. 

Local services including Doncaster Council, The Linney Centre, Refurnish, Balby South Community Engagement Society and Well North all support The Platform.

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