About The Platform

The Platform is a pop-up shop like no other. Developed and staffed by individuals with learning disabilities and enduring mentail ill health, The Platform provides education, volunteer placements and training to all  looking for a new challenge. Three years ago, The Platform volunteers began transforming a former sandwich shop into an education and volunteering centre for all. Since then, The Platform has gone from strength to strength, gatheringmore volunteers, not only from Quarryfields, but also another home in Exemplar, Mencap and The Hesley Group. The Platform has even written it's own volunteer skills course, the volunteer complete this uring their shifts and can take this with them when they are ready to move onto a new placement! This will soon become accredited- which means we can offer the course to everyone. The Platform welcomes more volunteers- so get in touch if it is something you would like to join in with! 

Meet the team


I'm Cassandra, I have worked in the cafe since it opened and I love to cook and bake. I make the shortbread for the biscuit jar. I have done lots of different things whilst volunteering, but I really enjoyed working with Sheffield Hallam University and Sport England on a project in the community.


I'm Rebecca, I have also worked in the cafe since it opened. I like to write the shopping lists and take notes in meetings. I also clean the tables and the place mats. I have done lots of fun things whilst volunteering, but I love dressing up as an elf at Christmas and helping santa hand out presents.


I'm Lisa, I am new to the team, only joining in February 2019. I like to serve and help customers with whatever they need. I am the first volunteer to complete the volunteer skills course, and I have began to help mentor the other volunteers to help them complete their folders. I always help at events at The Platform too.


I'm Sammy, I started to volunteer in the cafe in the summer last year. I won a prize for the best hat at The Platform's mad hatter tea party. I always persuade my mum to come in for a piece of cake, because I like to serve her. I like to sweep the floor and use the hoover to make sure the floor is clean.


I'm Mark, I started work in The Platform when it first opened and I was the first volunteer to work the first shift. I love to bake cakes, my favourite thing to make is victoria sponge cake. I always get compliments for my cakes, because they always rise so well! I was voted volunteer of the year and star baker by everyone from Quarrfields.


I'm Michael, I started work in The Platform when it first opened. I like to get involved with everything at The Platform. I like to make flapjack in the cafe and I like to get my hands dirty in the garden, growing fruit and vegetables in The Platform garden. We use this produce in the cafe when cooking and we sell it too.


I'm Colin, I started coming to The Platform as a customer and then asked to become a volunteer. I like to do the finance side of things at the cafe, helping to count the money to work out the weeks takings. I also like to work outside, sweeping the path near The Platform and litter picking the street to make the place look tidier and cleaner.


I'm Andy, I am the newest volunteer at The Platform. There is nothing I say no to, I like to get stuck in and involved in learning new skills. I am a good cleaner and make sure everything is spotless. I go to the shop if we have run out of something we need. I am starting to learn new skills in the garden, growing fruit and vegetables to sell. 

I'm Daljit, I started work in The Platform when it first opened. I love to type, and always want to design posters for our events or the next pop up. I typed up all the volunteers favourite recipes and we turned it into a cook book to sell in the cafe. I enjoy baking and people always ask me when im making my chocolate crunch!