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The Platform welcomes a new volunteer!

Lisa visited The Platform a couple of weeks ago to see what was happening here, to find out more about the project and what volunteering opportunities are available.

Lisa cleans her room twice a week and likes to listen to music. Lisa has lived in the one care properties at Meadowcroft for two years. Her hobbies are arts and crafts, reads the paper everyday and likes to have a go at the crossword.

Matt, life skills coordinator from Meadowcroft, told Lisa about The Platform, which she thought it would be a challenge, and in her words “would keep her occupied”. Lisa has nt volunteers before, but feels that she has skills that would be very useful, such as, good communication, good manners and friendliness. Lisa enjoys baking and has done a beginners food hygienne course.

Lisa will be joining the six weeks volunteers skills course on Thursday afternoons with other volunteers and will then volunteer on Wednesdays are The Platform.

The Platform are very happy to welcome Lisa our first volunteer from another Exemplar home. Gold luck Lisa!


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