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Travel mugs and Suspended coffee!

The Platform would like to introduce its travel mugs, featuring our lovely logo! These mugs are being sold in The Platform for only £4.00! Buying one of these mugs, means that the next time you journey to The Platform with your travel mug, your cup of coffee will only cost £1.00!

The Platform would also like to announce that it is a supporter of suspended coffee. Suspended coffee is a movement which allows a person buying a coffee, the opportunity to buy one or more coffees for someone else in need. Buying someone in need a coffee can provide a physical comfort, conversation, a smile, a laugh and a sense of belonging. A suspended coffee can change lives and sometimes even save them. Suspended coffee invites you to join in the journey, changing the world one cup of kindness at a time.

For more information on suspended coffees, follow the link:


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