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The Platform Awards 2018

The service users from Quarryfields gathered in their finery at Woodfield social and sports club to celebrate the fantastic work of The Platform's volunteers.

In the weeks running up to the event, staff and visitors of Quarryfields and The Platform were voting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place volunteers. Voters looked at which volunteer they felt had been the most consistent to turn up for their shift, who had been polite to customers and the most helpful.

Amanda Lighton, Director of referrals and business development, came to deliver the awards. In 3rd place was Cassandra, 2nd place was awarded to Michael and 1st place was given to Mark. Thanks was also given to the Dlajit, Zac, Elaine, Rebecca and Keith for their hard work and dedication to The Platform.

The staff, service users and volunteers all enjoyed a selection of treats from The Platform menu, cooking up plenty of sweet and savoury treats, many using vegetables that have been grown by the volunteers in the raised beds at Quarryfields.

The evening was perfect, and was an amazing way to celebrate the hard work of the volunteers.

The Platform is open, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30am - 15:00pm.


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